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25" x 40" oil on hand stretched, gallery wraped canvas


This painting portrays a mesmerizing scene where delicate hummingbirds emerge from the hands of individuals representing diverse races.

The hummingbirds symbolize new beginnings and the wonders of life. With their delicate wings and graceful flight, they bring a sense of ethereal magic to the artwork. As they hatch from the hands, they are depicted in various stages of flight, showcasing their exquisite plumage.

A vivid rainbow stretches across the canvas. Its brilliant colors evoke a sense of joy, hope, and unity. The rainbow acts as a bridge between the hummingbirds, the diverse hands, and the sunflower, symbolizing harmony and inclusivity.

Through the masterful strokes of the artist's brush, this oil painting becomes a captivating celebration of life, diversity, and the beauty found in the smallest of creatures. It invites viewers to reflect on the interconnectedness of humanity and the natural world, offering a glimpse into a world filled with wonder, harmony, and endless possibilities.


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